Free pop in a personal universe

“Belong to the Moon is artistic without being highbrow, poppish while avoiding banality and adventurous without even a touch of abstruseness. It is an exquisite mélange of lyrical modernity and intellectually provocative poetry that is simultaneously substantial and stylish.” - Hrayr Attarian/All About Jazz (USA)


With the release of their second album ”Belong to the moon” (BoogiePost Recordings, 2015) Nuaia has made a deep impact on both listeners and reviewers. Everywhere from Scandinavia to Europe to Asia to US you can hear the choir that celebrates their personal free pop. On the sequel to their debut album ”nuaia” (BoogiePost Recordings, 2009) the trio continues to explore the soundscapes between pop, free improvisations and experimental music. In a universe where vocal, drums and acoustic instruments meet electronic sounds, stories get born and are told with an exceptional presence.


Known for their intense live sessions, Nuaia has given their audience rare and beautiful experiences, no matter if the listeners are youngsters, poppish people, common people or hardcore jazz listeners.


The Swedish-Danish group Nuaia was formed in 2007.


Nuaia is:


Sofie Norling: vocal and live-electronics


Mika Forsling: electric guitar, mbira, hankdrum and live-electronics


Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: drums, percussion, vibraphonette


All music written by Nuaia, lyrics by Sofie Norling

Written about Nuaia and “belong to the moon”(2015): 


Nuaia’s unique performance was one of the  great surprises at Tampere Jazz Happennig this year’s programme. It was ambient, poetical, pretentious free pop. Nuaia is ready for bigger stages, no doubt.” – Juhamatti Kauppinen, Artistic Director, Tampere Jazz Happening (2016)


“…Nordic ensemble Nuaia’s music is delightfully unclassifiable and it uniquely transcend genres. Their sophomore release Belong to the Moon creates dream like, fantastical soundscapes that are intensely intimate and thrillingly dramatic.” – Hrayr Attarian/All About Jazz/USA


“Sofie Norling, Mika Forsling och Michaela Østergaard- Nielsen bygger drömska, ekomättade, slingrande men ändå rytmiska musikaliska rum. Ibland låter det som om Joni Mitchell och isländska Björk mötts en mörk natt i någon grotta tillsammans med en särskilt flink electronica-peppad kompis som kan få ett analogt fingerpiano att multiloopas till rytmisk rymd. Ibland blir enkla, repeterade melodier lite som högtidliga sanningar som sägs om och om igen tills ingen tvivlar på dem.” – Anders Jansson/Hela Hälsingland


“Those of you who yet haven’t heard the group, but knows that you like tranquil, atmospheric and colorful music, have nearly 40 minutes of pure pleasure ahead of you. I can only congratulate you!” – Robert Rytmen/Zero Music Magazine


”poetic ballads with dramatic restraint and great command.”- Eyal Hareuvini/All About Jazz (Israel)


”She sings so beautifully that my heart aches. Without ornaments, almost with a folk-singer-ideal that makes me think of Monika Z”(…) To me the experience is, that you share something with somebody you don´t know or never have met, one of the greatest things about music. I´m very fond of the honest and beuatiful half-hour-long world that Belong to the moon invites me into.” - Anna Berglund/OJ


“The music is soulful, open and occasionally highly beautiful. And you need such music when your ears and head have need conditioner and euphony.” – Jan Granlie/Salt Peanuts


”One of the most fascinating album creations I have heard this year. In a dreamy, soft atmosphere they bring us on a journey that includes everything from pure ambience to strong, dramatic pop. The singer Sofie Norling has an intense presence which more than once jumps out of the speakers and seizes someting inside of me.” – Meadow Music


“The Swedish-Danish constellation Nuaia is a fine, tiny delicate figure. A poetic band as with electronics, guitar and percussion behind the moving song creates transparant moments in beautiful ballads full of substans. The sparkling and discreet sounds and moods creates a necessary need for crescendi.” – Allan Sommer/Jazzspecial


“(…) BELONG TO THE MOON, that balances between free improvisation, colorfully ethereal soundscapes and ingratiatingly pop (…) It´s breathtaking beautiful music; at the same time breezy and floating and touching simple. The three musicians deserves attention.“ - Ole Nimand/Jazzspecial   


“There is spirit in Nuaia.” - Dyvvlad/Adopte Undisque


”Perfect future pop melancholy for the broken hearted.” – Superjam



Written about nuaia -“nuaia”(2009):


”A finer mix of pop and experimental music is hard to imagine” – VLT


”…really unique and magical music… the atmosphere brings to mind Portishead in a more down to earth universe and with a lead vocal of a more anarchistic style reminding of Björk” – Marcus Winther-John, Musikeren, March 2010.


”Nuaia’s music is like curling up in a sleeping bag on a chilly summermorning, or taking a hot, scented bath, pulling your knees close to the stomach and just breathing in the stillness and the clean air around you… an atmosphere, that like a wood nymph lures the listener closer and closer until you cannot resist the magic.” – Robert Ryttman, Zero Music Magazine, December 2009


”A finer mix of pop and experimental music is hard to imagine” – Staffan Andersson, Västmanland läns tidning, August 2008.


“… intriguing and rich soundscapes that brings to mind everything from Radiohead to David Sylvian. There is an intensity and presence that capturesthe listener directly..” – Patrik Lindgren, Lira Musikmagasin, Januari 2010


”Music balancing on various borders, and maybe even ignoring limitations for different genres…” – Jan Strand, Om Jazz, Februari 2010